Setting intentions, post-election

It's a beautiful day. The sun in's warmer than one might expect...and it's easy to believe that the exceptional generosity and abundance of the world is felt by all. Of course, it's not. Two days ago, the American political system selected Donald Trump to be our next president. To me, that means that we have

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Reconnecting: Our Mission

We haven't been blogging for quite a while, and now that we're back at it (with a new website to boot!), we wanted to start with a refresher on our raison d'etre. In other words, our mission. Our mission is to help people create better relationships with their natural and built environments. Why? Because we are

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Why we signed the Oregon Business Climate Declaration

We joined other Oregon businesses in signing the Oregon Business Climate Declaration in order to inspire the public, policymakers, and other business leaders to seize the social and economic opportunities presented by tackling climate change. Businesses like ours are supporting households, organizations, and political entities at all levels to take action on climate change; we believe

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‘Tis the season…for preparedness!

I was alerted recently to the fact that I tend to use that phrase a little bit too often.'s my excuse: 'tis always the season for something in the garden! On this, the first day of November, we're still in the midst of fall garden cleanup and winterizing. Yes⎯this means that if you haven’t

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Are we landscapers?

What’s the simplest way to describe people who design, install, and maintain outdoor environments? Well, they’re “landscapers,” of course! But that one word doesn’t quite fit all. In the general arena of landcare professionals, there are a lot of specific types of work to be done: landscape design, landscape maintenance, backyard farming, edible landscaping, landscape

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Back to Portland…to put in fall gardens!

We are leaving the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park this morning (where the lovely visitor's center has wireless access!), finally heading for home. I didn't update from Atlanta, where we stayed the longest we've stayed anywhere on this trip, but it was a great piece of this journey. We went to the first-ever Georgia State

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