What do I do with the extra fruits and veggies from my garden?!

There’s nothing better than looking out into the garden and seeing the sheer BOUNTY of the summertime harvest. But there’s a point at which all that fresh organic produce becomes too much: too much for the table, too much for the tummy, too much for the fridge and freezer…just a bit too much. Don’t let

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MORE places to find good seeds

Well, it's that time again, folks. While the weather outside is wintry, it's time to check out gardeners' eye candy, AKA seed catalogues! We still assume that most people who are checking out our website are Pacific Northwesterners. So here’s a few additions to the existing list of seed companies that are suitable for gardeners in our area:

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What to plant in spring

In early spring, there are four basic options for planting your edible garden: Seed indoors: Plant your seeds in a seed-starting setup indoors; your goal is to give them a head-start so that when the conditions are right and you transplant them outdoors, they will be able to grow to maturity much more quickly than

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Taking action on food policy in Multnomah Co.

In Multnomah County, citizens working to promote healthy, local food have a new set of tools at their disposal. The release of the Multnomah Food Action Plan was celebrated on Thursday by Multnomah County Commissioners and staff, food-focused organizations, and other community members, ourselves happily included. For our part, we signed on to the Declaration

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Food for thought

This afternoon, I attended “The Food Eater’s Dilemma” -- the first panel discussion of Lewis & Clark’s 2010 Environmental Affairs Symposium. Presenters included Camas Davis of Portland Meat Collective, PSU professor Betty Izumi, Blake Van Roekel of Slow Food Portland and Good Keuken, and OSALT’s Will Newman. The first piece of news shared during the

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Grow nutrient powerhouses through the winter

At a recent event, we handed out "sprout cards," attached to which was a mixture of seeds (radish, alfalfa, and red clover) that can be grown through the winter indoors as a tasty and incredibly nutritious addition to our diets. These cards were more symbolic than anything else, but we wanted to make sure that

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