DIY Project: Homemade Herbal Salve

Have you ever wondered... How to make your own herbal salve? Wonder no longer. We make salve every year for holiday gifts, and sometimes in between just for fun. And you can easily do it at home! Some of the many commonly available plants that are good to use in salve include: Calendula: Calendula Officinalis

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What do I do with the extra fruits and veggies from my garden?!

There’s nothing better than looking out into the garden and seeing the sheer BOUNTY of the summertime harvest. But there’s a point at which all that fresh organic produce becomes too much: too much for the table, too much for the tummy, too much for the fridge and freezer…just a bit too much. Don’t let

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How to deal with slugs

What's slimy, ravenous, and absolutely thrilled by April showers? Mmm hmm, you got it: slugs. Slugs and their garden mollusk cousins, snails, are Northwest gardeners' constant companions at this time of year. They tend to cause a lot of trouble, and a lot of grief, and our gardening lives wouldn't be the same without 'em! Here

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