New Year’s resolutions in the garden

We hope that you're enjoying the gradual return of the light as we move through this odd-weather winter and into what promises to be a brilliant new year! During this season, we've resolved to help our clients and community members carry out their new year's resolutions. Here are a few common commitments (from, on which a garden can help us

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Garden cleanup: before & after

20 x 20 community garden plot - before cleanup Just wanted to share a few good pictures of recent garden cleanups. 'Tis the season; good luck with yours, and let us know if you need a hand!!

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Worm bin harvesting tips & tricks

Vermicomposting is HOT! And I don’t mean temperature-wise: in fact, my most recent harvesting experience (which I’m about to share with you, step by step) was a rather chilly one, considering the fact that I was doing the job in the garage during recent snowy weather... In any case, using red wriggler worms to turn

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Permaculture in YOUR garden (and life!)

On Tuesday, for the first time, we taught a class called "Permaculture in YOUR Garden (and Life!)." It was a small but mighty class, and a whirlwind: condensing information from the 72-hour certification course into a 1.5-hour 101 was a challenge, to say the least. And since it's clear that the material we present and

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Sustainable business policy

I (Karen, but of course) am thrilled to be participating in my first VOIS Board meeting this a Board member! The VOIS Alliance (Voice for Oregon Innovation and Sustainability) is an exciting new organization that brings sustainable Oregon businesses together to make sure that state and local-level policies make it the natural choice to

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Music in & around the garden

I was flipping through radio stations the other evening and bumped into the 8 @ 8 on 94/7.  The theme was "In and Around the Garden," so I listened! And I thought I'd share. I'm not 100% sure about the selection process, but here's the list of songs they played, and a choice lyric or

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Why Chicken Shi(r)t?

It's been a long time coming, and now the time has come: a post about the meaning of the Chicken Shirt! OK, I don't want to get your hopes up--at least too far up--because what I'm about to provide is merely one suggested interpretation. Yes, it's the creator's interpretation, which might seem to

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Food for thought

This afternoon, I attended “The Food Eater’s Dilemma” -- the first panel discussion of Lewis & Clark’s 2010 Environmental Affairs Symposium. Presenters included Camas Davis of Portland Meat Collective, PSU professor Betty Izumi, Blake Van Roekel of Slow Food Portland and Good Keuken, and OSALT’s Will Newman. The first piece of news shared during the

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On the road…and how!

Now that we’re on the road, I am finding it challenging to synthesize many en-route experiences--some of which I would readily share if it were just me blogging as an individual--into writing fit for public consumption. Something I am proud to associate with our business and which I feel is consistent with and representative of

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Gardening remotely

It may be obvious by now, but we're going to be running our business remotely during the next month. We won't be able to schedule any consultations until the second week in September, and we won't personally be here to do work for almost a month. That doesn't mean that work will cease, though (thank

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