Getting in shape to get on the road

This week is our week to get in shape to road trip! And by get in shape I mean...well, I guess I mean do as much activity as we can before we sit on our behinds in our vehicle for a month straight... So, how are we making this happen? First of all,

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Where does winter squash grow?

I (Karen) received a picture message on the iPhone a few days ago, the attachment to which looked like this: The message itself said: "Hey sis! So these are our winter squash- how do we know when they're ready? Thanks!" I replied, tongue-in-cheek: "Well...first of all, they make squashes... :)" Then I felt kind of bad, so I

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Summer gardening classes

As I (Karen--it's usually me writing these bloggy-things) sit here at my parents' house, my folks are getting all fancied up in nice suits and heading out to teach classes for their respective businesses. It makes me wish that I was headed out to teach, too! It's good to know that I will be soon--but when,

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