Events during Earth Week

Earth Day--and Week, for those who like to extend the celebration--is a chance to focus on the overwhelming fact that we are all connected by and to the earth. It's also an invitation to do something to contribute positively to the health and well-being of the planet and each other. Like...oh, just for example...plant some

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Current Portland gardening events

Upcoming classes This weekend, we are offering classes on Soil and Amendments and Effective Composting. Please register now to join us there! Garden books and more garden books Our Garden Reading Group has begun meeting Tuesdays at 4 pm at Ladybug Organic Cafe in St. Johns. Put in your requests for the next few readings

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It’s Eat Local Week!

Independence Gardens participates in the Sustainable Business Network of Portland, which promotes the Local First initiative: purchasing from local businesses. So, thanks to SBNP, this week (Sept. 28-Oct. 4) is EAT LOCAL WEEK! Between Monday, September 28 and Sunday, Oct. 4, you're encouraged to bike, walk or take TriMet to your favorite locally owned neighborhood

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Class schedule posted for June; new website on the way

Just a few quick announcements today: First, we've just started taking signups for our advanced gardening classes at the Urban Farm Store on Sunday evenings at 5 pm.  We've noticed that it's easy to get excited about gardening in the spring but it can be difficult to retain momentum as the hot months go by,

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