We tackle a lot of different types of projects through our business, but not every type! We tend to refer folks who are primarily pursuing home performance work to Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works). As a great source for home energy efficiency work in the Portland metro area, Enhabit works in the following areas. (When we do, too, it’s noted!)

Cutting-Edge Heating & Cooling and Water Heating Systems

Yes, you can save energy AND stay cool in summer and nice and warm in winter AND enjoy hot showers. Nice. Independence Gardens has trusted HVAC and plumbing partners who can install efficient systems for our clients.

Duct Sealing, Air Sealing and Insulation

According to Enhabit, in a typical house, 20 to 30 percent of the air for heating and cooling is lost from leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. Add new attic, wall and floor insulation to recover the most energy savings (and comfort) here!

Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacing old windows can provide benefits throughout the home. Independence Gardens installs efficient windows in our projects.

Clean & Safe Air

Indoor air quality is important to livability. Allergens, carbon monoxide, radon, and excess moisture are important considerations to find via home performance audits.

Earthquake Readiness

Yeah, we all know the Really Big One is coming. And home should be a good place to be when it does. Independence Gardens performs earthquake retrofits for select homes.

Solar Assessment

It’s a big question: is your home a good match for solar? Find out when you work with Enhabit.

Again, we love to do a lot of different work. But when we know there’s a resource out there that puts it together in such a nice package, we send people that way so we can focus on other avenues to help people create better relationships with their natural and built environments.