Earth Day–and Week, for those who like to extend the celebration–is a chance to focus on the overwhelming fact that we are all connected by and to the earth. It’s also an invitation to do something to contribute positively to the health and well-being of the planet and each other. Like…oh, just for example…plant some seeds!  😉

Perhaps appropriately, my new (as of Earth Week) iPhone shows me a picture of the planet every time I turn the screen on; I appreciate this iReminder, as I appreciate the yearly reminder-through-celebration, because while this basic connectedness is a hard thing to wrap our human brains around, it’s important to try.

During Earth Week 2010, there’s a heck of a lot going on in Portland! PSU students are hosting the largest Earth Week celebration in the University’s history; the OregonLive website has statewide events listed in a comprehensive format; and Independence Gardens is jumping in, too! We are participating in two events for Earth Week:

1. Teaching an Effective Composting class on Wednesday the 21st at the Whole Foods Market on NE Fremont as a part of the promotional effort for “FRESH: The Movie,” which premieres here this weekend.

2. Making an Edible Gardening 101 presentation at Earth Day at PCC-Cascade on Thursday the 22nd at 11 am.

We are also wishing Frontier Middle School well this week, as they take the opportunity to develop the gardens they installed earlier this spring.

Whether or not you participate in an official celebration this week…take a moment to think about the connections we share. Happy Earth Day and Earth Week, everyone!