There’s nothing better than looking out into the garden and seeing the sheer BOUNTY of the summertime harvest. But there’s a point at which all that fresh organic produce becomes too much: too much for the table, too much for the tummy, too much for the fridge and freezer…just a bit too much.

Don’t let it go to waste! If you’re in Portland, you can donate your surplus yield, turning a problem into a solution.

Since 1995, Portland Community Gardens a Produce for People (PFP) program has enabled community gardeners at 42 sites citywide to donate their surplus food to feed people that otherwise wouldn’t have enough. PFP works with hunger relief agencies to provide the city’s emergency food shelters with fresh, nutritious, organic, locally grown food.

And YOU can be a part of it.

At this point in the season, we’re fielding phone calls from gardeners who’ve hit their saturation point. Their countertops are literally overflowing. (Does this sound like you?) Instead of calling us, we suggest contacting the Portland Community Gardens Office at 503-823-1612 to inquire if there is a PFP program at your garden site (if you’re a community gardener) or nearby (if you’re a home gardener).

If you’re outside of the Portland metro area, or don’t have a PFP program nearby, try the Oregon Food Bank donation location finder.

Nice work growing so much food, and thank you in advance for helping it get to someone who can use it.