Not surprisingly, we field a wide variety of garden-related questions on a regular basis — everything from “what IS this plant?!” to “what should I do NOW with my garden space?” Some questions are easy to answer, and others are tricky (to say the least). And in far too many cases, the best answer is simply “it depends.”

Over the years, we’ve answered many questions on our blog. Below are a few of those questions; click on the question to see an answer!

Year-round seasonal questions

Garden supplies, tools, techniques, and approaches

Utilizing what grows in the garden

Even after all this time, though, new questions arise daily. And new answers, for that matter, in response to new circumstances, new insights, and new innovations. So…we want to know, what are YOUR top garden questions? E-mail them to us or post them on our Facebook page, and we will start answering them on the blog.