It may be obvious by now, but we’re going to be running our business remotely during the next month. We won’t be able to schedule any consultations until the second week in September, and we won’t personally be here to do work for almost a month. That doesn’t mean that work will cease, though (thank goodness for our fantastic employees!)–and when we return, there will still be plenty of time to do garden cleanup and winterization.

On that note, we have kick-behind employees to hold down the fort here–specifically Karen Pyle, Chicken Shirt Campaign Coordinator. She will be inventory-keeper and order-filler during our absence for the Chicken Shirt, Goat Tee, Bull (Shirt) and corresponding onesies (the Chicken Squirt, Goat Teeny, and AdoraBull). Our mail will be received by my mom (who proudly identifies as our sometimes-administrative assistant). And we’ll be available via e-mail and phone… Amazing how well-connected is this world we’re in!

In any case, what it  boils down to is that we’re feeling good about departing from the norm only because of our strong home base, for which we are thankful beyond belief.