This week is our week to get in shape to road trip! And by get in shape I mean…well, I guess I mean do as much activity as we can before we sit on our behinds in our vehicle for a month straight… So, how are we making this happen?

Garden car at the car wash

First of all, we’re physically active. I (I won’t say “Karen” after this, ’cause if it’s writing, it’s me!) am finishing up 30 classes in 30 days at Urban Pilates; Isabel is swimming and working out regularly at Mt. Scott Community Center. We work in our garden (duh), hang out with kids (always a workout!), and go out with Search and Rescue (unfortunately, there’s been plenty of action lately, and not as many days we’ve been able to join in). And our car’s even getting spa treatment, thanks to Richmond Elementary’s Oya No Kai; students and parents were out washing cars yesterday, and will be out one more Sunday this summer (the 2nd in September) to raise funds for a cultural trip to Japan. Basically, we’re out and about, staying fit.

Also, we’re trying to eat well. We went down to Bob’s Red Mill and got some great dry goods today, which will help us stay healthy along the road… I figure we’ll buy or otherwise acquire organic, seasonal, local produce (in the places where it’s available, that is) to supplement our beans, instant potatoes, and pancake mix. No regularly scheduled green smoothies for us this time around, unless I find a blender that runs off a Coleman stove… Lots of coffee, lots of conversation with my lovely business partner, and many, many stops along the way to keep us engaged with each other and the world.

In short, I don’t know what to expect along the way, but we’re trying to get ourselves set up from the inside out to take this trip and make it great.

[OH, and in other news, I just heard from my mom (who was interviewed by Channel 8 wearing a Chicken Shirt!) that Beaverton approved its urban chickens ordinance this evening. Fantastic. Chickens for All!]