Independence Gardens is goin’ for a ride! Starting August 15, we are driving our Independence Gardens-mobile (shown below at Multnomah Falls) across the country.

The Independence Gardens car

This trip is like the trip we took six years ago, when we first met…but different. This time we have a larger agenda than getting to know each other while whisking me (Karen, that is) back to school after a year off. We’re planning to visit friends and family, as well as garden-based businesses and other endeavors that empower people to grow their own food.

Our tentative (and yes, we know, rather ridiculously ambitious) route is viewable on the Google map below:

View Independence Gardens on the move in a larger map

If you’re in one of the places we plan to go, and have any time to hang out with us between August 15 and September 7…or if you have any gardening connections in one of these locales or surrounding areas…we would love to see you/know about them. Get in touch!