We joined other Oregon businesses in signing the Oregon Business Climate Declaration in order to inspire the public, policymakers, and other business leaders to seize the social and economic opportunities presented by tackling climate change. Businesses like ours are supporting households, organizations, and political entities at all levels to take action on climate change; we believe that by doing so, we are contributing to an abundant future.

According to the recent Risky Business report, by the end of the century, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho could well have more days above 95°F each year than Texas does now; we may experience more wildfires, reduced snowpack, and loss of hydropower. Because we recognize these risks, among others, Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia (collectively representing the world’s fifth largest economy!) are engaged in a regional effort to advance economy-wide policies to unleash regional innovation in energy and production that will address global warming and help assure our long term competitiveness.

It is true that this is a global and national challenge, and ultimately we need national action from Congress. But that should not get in the way of strengthening Oregon’s economy and building more resilient communities. Our customers, employees and business partners recognize what a special place Oregon is, and they value working with a company that will fight to protect and improve it. The costs of action can be anticipated and managed, but the costs of inaction are volatile and unpredictable, and will adversely affect our children’s generation.