Well, hello.

It is not quite time to migrate this blog-site over to replace the old website, but it is high time to introduce it.  Bit by bit, this dynamic site will become complete, and eventually it will replace the old static one.

So, why are we doing something new, when we got so much positive feedback on the old site?  Well, to make a long story short, we wanted to make our site more interactive than we could using the tool available from our old web host.  And we really wanted to work with a local, green company.  We found Taproot through the Urban Farm Store, and from that time forward, we just put the pieces together…

This initial post should serve as an invitation to you: please comment on this site!  Tell us what you like, and what you think is not so interesting.  E-mail us at IndependenceGardensPDX@gmail.com to share your thoughts, if you don’t want to post them publicly.  The whole point of this business (not to mention gardening itself) is to create connections in and provide resources for our community.  So let’s hear it, community.  What do you think?